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Fill your life with fragrance

My Story

I have always loved nice smelly body stuff, candles, etc but had never tried wax melts. I kept seeing Scentsy posts popping up on social media so thought one day I would actually take a look.
I absolutely loved the look and sound of the products and saw that you could join as a consultant yourself so I just thought hey you know what i'm just gonna jump in and join up, I thought it would be great to run alongside my other business and I was right.
Once I received my kit, that just sealed the deal, I was hooked and I couldn't stop smelling the products (yes like a weirdo or one of those people who goes into a shop and spends an hour sniffing things lol).
If you are considering becoming a customer or joining my team as a consultant I would say jump in and do it, you won't regret it either way. If I can help with anything at all, please do get in touch.